9 Tourist Attractions In Indonesia With Altitude Shades

Indonesian-Indonesian tourist attractions such as the Emerald on the equator of the Thousand Islands stretch from Sabang at the northern tip of the archipelago to Merouke in the eastern part of West Papua. Not because the archipelago hides a myriad of hidden treasures, or because a stick of wood can grow into a plant on topsoil, but this group of green islands with blue sea water is able to enchant the world with its incomparable natural beauty. The charm of Indonesia has become a magnet as a world tourist destination.

Indonesian tourist attractions with their green hue charms and high mountain peaks are one of the main attractions for tourists who like nature tourism and peak tourism in Indonesia.

1. Puncak Jaya, the charm of Indonesia covered in eternal snow

Surrounded by the Karstens Glacier, formerly known as the Karstens Pyramid, Puncak Jaya is one of 6 peaks in the Jayawijaya mountain range that runs through the province of Papua. Karstensz Glacier is the only tropical glacier in Indonesia. Punchak Jaya is located 4884 meters above sea level and is one of the 7 peaks in the world.

Behind the splendor of the Carstens Pyramid, Indonesia’s highest mountain covered in eternal snow and one of the 7 highest peaks in the world loved by climbers is Jan Carstens, the man who first discovered this mountain in 1623 while traveling. to Papua by boat. Another fact, after the discovery of marine animal fossils on the highest mountain in Indonesia, shows that Puncak Jaya was once the seabed.

2. Mount Rinjani, the Beauty of Tourist Attractions in Lombok

Mount Rinjani is a mountain with the best location in Southeast Asia, located at the intersection of the Wallace boundary line, where flora and fauna of Asian and Australian species, Mount Rinjani, located in Lombok, has the Sembalun Lawang Grassland, as well as many waterfalls stalactite Goa Susu and Goa Payung Mas and has five (5) stars when you climb Mount Rinjani.

The splendor of Mount Rinjani created by Erik Prasetya (Ed: the author’s friend), is immortalized in the name of his second daughter, Kinri Rinjani Prasetya, which means “Flower from Mount Rinjani”. According to him, “The panoramic masterpiece of Rinjani with Lake Sagara is guarded by Devi Anjani’s son – the most beautiful and grandest mountain in Indonesia that has ever been climbed”,

3. Mount Bromo, a sacred tourist spot in Malang.

The body shape of Mount Bromo is connected between valleys and canyons with a caldera or sea of ​​​​sand covering an area of ​​​​about 10 square kilometers, Mount Bromo which is sanctified by the Tengger tribal community. In Sanskrit, Bromo means Brahma, one of the main gods of Hinduism. Once a year, the Tengeri people hold a Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo ceremony, which is a day of worship in the form of offering Sang Hyang Vidhi on Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is an active volcano with an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level, located in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park area with four regencies around it, namely Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Lumajang Regency and Malang Regency. The charm of Bromo is revealed when climbing to enjoy the beauty of the land above the clouds that are very pleasing to the eye, or while driving on the endless expanse of black sand.

4. Mount Kerinci, a tourist spot surrounded by dense forest of the Kerinci-Seblat National Park.

The peak of Mount Kerinci is 3,805 meters above sea level, from here you can enjoy endless views of the Indian Ocean, and enjoy views of the cities of Jambi, Bengkulu and Padang. Mount Kerinci is part of the 1,484,650 ha Kerinci Seblat National Park located in the Bukit Barisan Mountains, where most of this national park is part of Jambi Province.

Mount Kerinci which is called Puncak Andalas is one of the mountains in Indonesia that is an idol for climbers because of the beauty of its natural panorama with a wealth of flora and fauna that can be found from the lowlands to the peak of Mount Kerinci. . To get to the top of Andalas, you can take several hiking trails, one of the interesting routes is through Kersik Tuo because it is the official route, besides that the path is relatively not as extreme if you go through the Solok route.

5. Ijen Crater, one of the two largest acidic lakes in the world besides Iceland

One of the natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is the crater located at its peak. Ijen Crater is an acidic lake located at the top of Mount Ijen at an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level. Ijen Crater has a lake depth of 200 meters with a crater area of ​​5,466 hectares. Ijen Crater is located in the Ijen Tourism Park Nature Reserve which is the largest acid lake in the world.

In addition to Indonesia, the phenomenon of blue fire or blue fire is also found in Iceland, an exotic blue fire formed from liquid sulfur that flows endlessly under the crater, there are only two in the world, has become a magnet for foreign tourists. . visit Ijen Crater. To enjoy the natural scenery of Ijen Crater, climbers must climb from the Palthuding Entrance with extraordinary natural pleasure when the morning sun illuminates the crater forming a turquoise green sheen on its surface.

6. Mount Halimun, a tourist spot in the land of fog

How beautiful is the splendor of the land of fog, which was created by the hand of the Lord of the worlds. Adventure tourism in the land of fog is a unique and unusual activity. The splendor of wild animals and their exotic phenomena are often sought after by tourists who enjoy nature tourism and adventure tourism. Land of the fog is an imaginary dream for some and the dream of exploring the land of fog for some others. But not for some people who have explored the land of fog in a tour package, exploring a land shrouded in fog. This is Halimun, whose charm of mist still shrouds old civilizations that don’t want time to touch it.

Halimun Forest, shrouded in mist, is located in Mount Halimun Salak National Park. The peak of Mount Halimun is 1925 meters above sea level, and its pillars are located in Bogor and Sukabumi Regencies, West Java Province, and Lebak in Banten Province. To enter the Khalimun area, you can go through the entrance to the tourist village of Malasari, West Bogor.

7. Mount Semeru, the eternal peak of the gods

“….Mahameru gave him peace
Inside the frozen Arkapada
Mahameru left the legend
Immortal pinnacle of the gods……”
A song lyric that describes the splendor of the peak of Mount Semeru. Mahameru Peak is located at an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level with the Jongggring Saloko crater dotting it, Mount Semeru is the highest conical volcano on the island of Java and the third highest in Indonesia.

You can climb Mahameru Peak through the city of Malang or Lumajang, you will go through a gentle starting path, along a slope overgrown with reeds, after that you simply descend the hillside overgrown with edelweiss flowers. Approaching Wat Rejeng, the scenery is very beautiful leading to valleys and hills overgrown with pine and pine forests, sometimes a puff of smoke can be seen at the top of Mahameru. Arriving at Rana Kumbolo you can set up a tent overlooking the lake with clear water and beautiful views, in the morning you can see the sun rising between the hills. Ranu Kumbolo is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level with an area of ​​14 hectares, from here it’s time for you to start climbing to reach the eternal peak of the Gods.

8. Kelimutu, for the charm of the beauty of the three-colored lake

In an area at an altitude of 1,640 meters above sea level, behind the beauty of the three-colored lake Kelimutu, formed as a result of volcanic volcanic processes. Some scientists suspect that the change in water color in Lake Kalimutu is caused by refraction of sunlight, water microbiota, dissolved chemicals, algae, and the reflection of the color of the walls and bottom of the lake. Behind it all there is the charm of Kelimutu Indonesia which is a magnet for tourists from all over the world who visit Ende, East Nusa Tenggara.

9. Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world

Formed by the massive supervolcanic eruption of Mount Toba which occurred about 74,000 years ago, it made the earth cold at that time, because volcanic ash covered the earth’s surface so that the temperature on earth dropped to 10 degrees Celsius. , volcanic ash reaches Greenland at the north pole and Antarctica at the south pole.

Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world and the largest lake in Southeast Asia with a length of 87 kilometers and a width of 27 kilometers. In the middle of Lake Toba is the island of Samosir with an area of ​​647 square kilometers which is equivalent to Singapore. Samosir Island has two lakes in the middle of the island, namely a lake above a lake that only exists in Medan, North Sumatra-Indonesia.

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