30 Tourist Attractions in Central Java

Central Java is one of the best tourist provinces in Indonesia. Natural, historical and cultural attractions are the most famous and easily accessible. Each city and district, including Semarang, Magelang, Solo, Wonosobo and Kebumen, offers its own charm that you shouldn’t miss!

1. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple, located in Magelang, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Java. With beautiful and unique architecture as well as beautiful views from above, this tourist spot is sure to attract the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists. Many tourists deliberately visit this place before sunrise or sunset to get a more spectacular view.

2. Saloka Amusement Park

With an area of ​​25 hectares and 25 attractions, Saloka Theme Park is a favorite family playground in Semarang. Some of the popular rides that you can try are Wahana Cakrawala, Senggal-Senggol, Butterfly and Fighting Nyali. And all of this is accompanied by the unique natural scenery of Central Java!

3. Keto Temple

One of the tallest temples in Indonesia, Keto Temple has a wealth of interesting history and culture. If you especially like the history of the archipelago, you shouldn’t miss this one! Especially with a very good view.

4. Chicken Church

“Chicken Church” is actually not the original name of this building, but the Bukit Rema Prayer House. However, the locals gave the nickname because of the shape of the building which is considered to resemble a chicken. Despite the name “Church”, this place actually functions as a prayer room, a rehabilitation center, and is now also a cultural tourism destination. From here you can also see the splendor of Borobudur Temple!

5. Prambanan Temple

According to legend, the 240 temples in this complex were built by Bandung Bondowoso, a young man who fell in love with Roro Yonggrang. Until now, the legend is still very closely related to the Prambanan temple. One of the sites on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, this temple has a high historical and cultural value, which attracts the attention of many tourists. In addition, the temple complex has a history museum. Here you can take a leisurely stroll and take pictures while enjoying a sunny day.

6. Ngarsopuro Night Market

If you like shopping at night markets, you must visit Ngarsopuro Night Market in Solo! You can taste a variety of local culinary delights at affordable prices, as well as buy souvenirs typical of Solo until you’re satisfied!

7. Karimunjawa National Park

This national park, located in the Jepara region, is a protected marine nature reserve that also functions as a tourist destination. Apart from strolling along the beach and enjoying the scenery, you can also snorkel, swim or even fish.

8. Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau which is located about 30 km from downtown Wonosobo is one of the heavenly natural attractions in Central Java. You can visit Dieng Color Lake, Jatulanda Well, Dieng Sikunir Hill and many more. All of them offer shady and stunning natural scenery! The air here is also usually cool, so it is perfect for those of you who want to take a break from the heat of the city.

9. Mount Prau / Prahu

Mount Prau is one of the favorite climbing spots in Central Java. The mountain, which is located in the Dieng Plateau area, has a relatively easy climbing route, which only takes 3-4 hours. The main attraction is of course the view from above. Many tourists call the atmosphere at the peak peaceful and beautiful.

10. Upper Progo River

Do you enjoy challenging cooperative activities? Try white water rafting on the Hulu Sungai Progo! With a length of about 12 km, you can enjoy this activity for 2.5 to 3 hours. There are several choices of rafting routes and levels of difficulty, so even beginners need not worry!

11. Mount Merbabu

Another choice of challenging and beautiful natural attractions: Mount Merbabu. Geographically, this mountain is included in four regions at once, namely Magelang Regency, Semarang Regency, Salatiga City and Boyolali Regency. Because the difficulty of climbing is only average, it is not surprising that this mountain is popular among reliable climbers and beginners. On the way to the top, you can also stop at the beautiful craters on this mountain.

12. Inheritance Palace

Do you like going to cool and modern museums? If so, you must go to the Inheritance Palace! This tourist spot in Central Java is a transportation museum with unique collections and exhibitions. It has a collection of antique cars, a 3D museum, and more! Very suitable for you and your family.

13. Queen Boko Palace

One of the historical places that hits and must be visited in Central Java is Ratu Boko Palace. This place used to be a palace complex that once collapsed, so now only a few buildings are visible. Many people come here for take pictures and enjoy the view, especially at sunset.

14. Blenduk Church

The Blenduk Church, located in Semarang, is a heritage building from the colonial era that is still standing and well-maintained. One of the main attractions, of course, is the neoclassical architecture. However, from afar, this building looks majestic and beautiful.

15. Pindul Cave

Do you like cave tubes? If yes, then Goa Pindul could be the right place for you! With a full range of facilities including guides and safety equipment, you can explore this cave safely and easily! Using the tires, you will float on the flowing water to explore and enjoy the view. You know, this place also has some great photo spots!

16. Surakarta Kasunanan Palace

The official palace of the Surakarta Sunanate, founded in 1744, this building has the characteristics of royal architecture and culture. Due to its cultural and historical value, this place is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions in Central Java. However, pay attention to the regulations that apply because the Keraton environment is indeed very guarded.

17. Rainbow Village

Colorful village is one of the famous tourist phenomena in Indonesia. One of them is located in Semarang, Central Java. As the name suggests, the walls and roofs of the houses of one villager are painted in bright colors to make them look beautiful and inviting. From afar, you will immediately see its existence. Of course this place is one of the best places to take pictures.

18. Ambarawa Railway Museum

This museum exhibits various types of locomotives that have been operated in this country. There are even examples of the colonial era. In addition to taking pictures with a collection of trains that are no longer operating, you can also take a tourist train that is still running here, especially to get around.

19. Mangkunegaran Palace

This palace is one of the most interesting places in Central Java (more precisely Solo) for lovers of cultural and historical tourism. Still the official palace of the Duchy of Praja Mangkunegaran and the residence of its rulers, there are only a few areas that can be visited such as Ndalem Ageng, Pendopo Ageng and Keputren or Balevarni.

20. Lawang Sewu

When traveling to Semarang, Lawang Seva is certainly not to be missed. Although this building is better known for its mystical stories, there are still many other interesting values ​​here. As well as the architecture of the building that still reflects the colonial style. Or also design a room with a unique row of doors so you look like you’re standing in front of a mirror.

21. Tranquil on the ice

Tentrem On Ice is one of the first indoor skating rinks in Semarang that you shouldn’t miss! You and your family can enjoy ice skating in a comfortable and cool mall.

22. Marina Beach

Although this beach is not the main attraction of Central Java, you can visit several, including Marina Beach in Semarang. Locals usually come here for a leisurely walk or jog, admiring the beautiful scenery.

23. Danara Hadi Batik Museum

This museum, as the name suggests, houses a diverse collection of batik. You can see the colors of batik from classic to modern styles. In addition, you can also see the process of making this interesting, you know!

24. Petruka Cave

Often referred to as the most beautiful cave in Indonesia, Petruk Cave, located in Kebumen, consists of cool and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. There are three levels that you can explore with a guide. For those of you who like spelunking, don’t miss this cave!

25. Sam Pu Kong

Sam Pu Kong is perhaps the icon of the city of Semarang. Still functioning as a temple for worship, Sam Poo Kong is also open for public tourism. Here you can see firsthand the cool and unique oriental-style architecture, and learn the life story of Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He), a sailor from China who explored the archipelago in the 13th century.

26. Nampu Beach

Nampu Beach in Wonogiri is one of the best beaches you can visit if you enjoy strolling on a less crowded beach. The beach and sand are still clean and beautiful. Here you can sunbathe, relax or take a leisurely stroll with your loved ones.

27. Chocolate Gorge

The United States has the Grand Canyon, Semarang has the Brown Canyon! This natural tourist spot which consists of rows of brownish-colored rocks has a unique and beautiful charm. For those of you who like adventure, this place is definitely for you! In addition, you can also take pictures until satisfied.

28. Karang Bolong Beach

Located in Kebumen, this beach is famous for its gray sand and sea views with beautiful cliffs. Combined with views of the surrounding hills and sunsets, it’s no wonder this beach is getting more and more popular among tourists.

29. Cave of Mary Kerep Ambarava

Maria Kerep Ambarava Cave is one of the most famous religious tourism spots for Catholics in Central Java. This place of worship is equipped with a statue of the Virgin Mary and other statues depicting the life story of Jesus.

30. Lake Madirda

Spend a sunny day at Lake Madirda with your loved ones! You can enjoy the surrounding leafy scenery and relax with your family. Among the locals, this place is known as a weekend getaway.

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