17 tourist attractions in Indonesia that are rarely visited.

Many people say that Indonesia is a paradise for tourists. Indonesia’s natural conditions in the tropics are very diverse, even admired by foreign tourists. The choice of holiday destinations in Indonesia seems endless. From tourist attractions in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi to other small islands that are also competing to leave an unforgettable experience after visiting. However, there are still tourist attractions in Indonesia that are rarely visited and you should visit them at least once in your life.

1. Red Island Beach

Have you ever been to Banyuwangi but didn’t have time to go for a walk? Try to visit Mera Island beach. The beach, which is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesangaran District, has natural beauty with stunning panoramas. When you arrive you will be immediately greeted by the beach which is still clean. Not only that, the location around the beach is also surrounded by green mountains. For someone who wants to find a place to relax and refresh his mind, Pulau Mera Beach is the most suitable place.
As the name suggests, Pulau Mera Beach has a small hill whose soil is red. At low tide, you can visit this island on foot. Relax on the beach of Mera Island until the sun goes down because you can watch the sunset and also capture it as a memento.

2. Meru Betiri

Banyuwangi offers a tourist destination in the form of an enchanting rainforest, namely Meru Betiri. There are mangrove ecosystems, swamp forests and lowland rain forests. You can not only relax, but also learn many new things, because rare plants grow in Meru Betiri, such as rengas and rafflesia and others. In addition, there are also wild animals such as flying red-tailed squirrels and black beetles. After Meru Betiri, stopping at Sukamade Beach or Rajagwesi Beach is the most appropriate choice. You can also stop by Teluk Hijau to complete your tour to interesting tourist attractions in Banyuwangi.

3. Madakaripura Waterfall

Visiting natural tourist sites is never boring. If you are in Probolinggo and looking for a beautiful tourist spot, come to Madakaripura Waterfall located in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. The highest waterfall on the island of Java, which reaches a height of 200 meters, also holds the title as the second highest waterfall in Indonesia. Arriving there, you will be able to feel the nuances of nature combined with views of towering waterfalls. Its beauty is more complete because of the location of the waterfall that can be seen between the rocks, adding to its exoticism. Many people say that Madakaripura waterfall is an eternal waterfall. Why? Until now, the flow of water does not stop even in the dry season.

4. Stokel Waterfall Yarn

Lombok is famous not only for its Senggigi beach. There are many more tourist destinations that will surprise you when you arrive in Lombok, such as the 20 meter high Benang Stokel Waterfall which looks like a thread. Of course, the water conditions are very clear and allow you to see the bottom of the river. Lush trees grow around the waterfall, so the atmosphere is very beautiful.

5. Jomblang Cave

Yogyakarta tourist attractions are not limited to cultural tourism or tourism in Malioboro. You can visit Jomblang Cave as high as 60 meters overlooking ancient forest and underground river. This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who like challenges and adventures. Don’t worry, you will be accompanied by a team of experienced cavers. Preparation for exploring the cave is quite a lot because you will be asked to use personal protective equipment such as boots, helmet, and headlights. The charm of Jomblang Cave has spread throughout the world because in 2011 it was used as a shooting location for the film America’s Amazing Race.

6. Ora Beach

Ora Beach in Maluku turns out to have a charm that rivals foreign beaches such as Bora Bora in the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of Boracay Beach in the Philippines, which is also famous for its beauty, can be compared to Ora Beach in Maluku. Besides being able to see the beach with very clear sea water, you can also see high coral reefs, even towering into the sky. Take advantage of the opportunity to dive with a professional coach to see not only the view above the sea, but also the underwater scenery. The beauty of coral reefs and various types of fish will make you even more admired.

7. Labenki Island

If you studied social studies in high school, you may have heard that there are more than 20,000 islands in Indonesia. One of these islands is Labenki Island in the southeast of Sulawesi province. This hidden paradise perfectly represents the riches of the underwater world. Usually tourists come to snorkel.

8. Keeluan Bay

For those of you who are on the island of Sumatra, take Lampung to visit Keeluan Bay. This place is very famous because it is synonymous with sightings of dolphins and whales on the high seas. This bay with blue water and very clear water is not only suitable for a visit to relax, Keeluan Bay can also be a family vacation destination. Occasionally Kiluan Bay is also used as a fishing competition venue with participants from all over Indonesia.

9. Wood Aro

A resting place that can be visited is the 2,500-meter-long Kayu Aro tea garden in Kerinci. The oldest tea garden in Indonesia is a chemical-free black tea garden. Locals believe that tea made from Kayu Aro was one of the favorite teas of the Queen of England and the Queen of the Netherlands during the colonial period. Don’t forget to bring a jacket because this tea garden is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

10. Lake Kako

Lake Kako is located in Kerinchi Regency, Jambi. The lake which is a very beautiful charm has a bluish color and is clear like glass water. If you arrive at Lake Kako, you can breathe fresh air because the location of this lake is right at the foot of Mount Batua. When the full moon comes, the lake will be very beautiful because the moonlight is reflected on the surface of the lake.

11. Krumutan

Sumatra still offers many potential hidden tourist attractions such as Krumutan in Riau Province. Before you open a panoramic view of tens of thousands of hectares of peat forest inhabited by rare animals and endemic flora. You can see exotic scenery. If you arrive at the right time, you can witness a very unique bird migration process. No wonder Krumutan has IBA (Important Bird Area) and EBA (Endangered Bird Area) status.

12. Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island is one of the islands in West Nusa Tenggara. This island is very beautiful because it is decorated with white sand, lush green trees on the beach and clear water. If you get closer, you can clearly see the fish swimming freely. In addition, you can also interact with tame deer around the location.

13. Jangari Reservoir

Tourist attractions in Chianjur that are interesting and still not visited by many are Jangari Reservoir in Jangari Village, Bobojong Village, Mande District, Chianjur Regency, West Java. You can come to Jangari Reservoir with friends or family and then enjoy the natural scenery around. There is a unique thing that distinguishes Jangari Reservoir from other reservoirs, namely the presence of houseboats and thousands of fish tanks. If you come at a certain time, you can see the traditional arts of the local people in the form of the Jaipong dance. Residents will also take visitors around the reservoir by boat.

14. Pokland Tourist Area

Wana Wisata Pokland, which is located in Haurwangi Village, Haurwangi District, Chianjur Regency, West Java, offers a soothing view of the forest. This 30-hectare site actually provides tourist services in the form of campgrounds, glamping, and tree houses. You can also ride horses for rent in the area.

15. Bukit Tinggi Daramista, Sumenep

If you want to see Sumenep Regency from above, Bukit Tinggi Daramista is the place to be. There you can do many things such as exploring the area, taking selfies, and doing other complex activities. Come at night because the atmosphere is better and the twinkling lights look very beautiful.

16. Sakura Gardens, Chibodas Botanical Gardens

Tourist attractions that are still rarely visited in Indonesia are Sakura Park. The park at Cibodas Botanical Gardens can be easily reached by public or private transportation. As the name suggests, there are many cherry blossom trees in Sakura Park which are very beautiful, just like the cherry blossoms in Japan. 435 rose trees have been planted since 1971. Come January-February or July-August for cherry blossom viewing. There is also a view of vast meadows, rare plants, moss gardens, giant trees, and so on.

17. A bunch of exotic stones

The existence of natural tourist attractions which are often called exotic stone piles in Lava Cave, Tegal is still visited by few people. Besides being able to see piles of rocks that are arranged naturally, you can also climb them. This tourist destination is perfect for those of you who are adventurous. Also find some of the best cliff photo spots. You should not come to the location when it rains because the location tends to be slippery.

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